Gladiator takes over the world!

Trend alert Next season the 70’s will become a fashion hit again. Also the gladiator sandals will be a big trend. The idea of the gladiator sandal is based on Roman/Greek style. The gladiator sandals were a big hit in the 70’s. A few years ago the gladiator style was back for a little while, but then disappeared very fast. Fashion professionals told us next season the gladiator look is back again and will stay for a long time. Of course we ladies like to follow trends but we also like to have unique pieces? Guess what?! With SunSmiles® you can create the gladiator style too! Good reason for you to take your sandals out of your closet and practice for next summer. Soon we will give you some nice tips and tricks on how to tie a gladiator style sandal on Facebook.

Create your own gladiator Sandals with a long lace.
Create your own gladiator Sandals with a long lace.
Nimh Verkerk

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