SunSmiles Nederland (Netherlands)

Sportshop Domburg in... Domburg :)

SunSmiles is very proud to tell you that the first shops opened in the Netherlands!

After the Caribbean also Europe gets the chance to pimp their wardrobe. The shops have a lot of choice and there collection changes every time. This way you can drop by once in a while to see what’s new. The people working in the shops are real tying experts who can answer all your questions. Or you just look online at our video tutorials.

SunSmiles Nederland just started and it is already a huge success. Besides the retail shops there is also a pop-up shop visiting different festivals like Pink-Pop! The pop-up shop is colorful and you definitely can miss it.

Check out to see where they are at next week.

Check out at “Where to buy” the address for the SunSmiles Nederland shops in Domburg, Sluis and Harlingen, Rotterdam, Middelburg, Beneden-Leeuwen and more to come!

SunSmiles @ Sportshop Domburg
SunSmiles wall in Sportshop Domburg




Nimh Verkerk

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