Moon Laces Petrol


Our Blue Sandals are custom made and can be tied in countless ways. Design your favorite Lace-up sandals with our Petrol Moon Laces and our comfortable Memory Foam Sandal Bases! 

Moon Laces are made from high-quality fabrics that contain Lycra and come with a dark hand painted bead attached. The Laces are long and ideal to create Laced-up Sandals. The dark beads give this sandal an edgy style and are perfect for a Boho Sandal. These Blue Sandals are the perfect Lace-up Sandals to combine with your favorite petrol blue dress for an elegant look. 

Moon Laces combine perfectly with one of our Memory Foam Sandal Bases with 3 loops for an elegant sandal. They can also be combined with a 5-loop base to create stunning Gladiator Sandals!