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Full of energy and sunshine, SunSmiles® sandals is an exciting, creative, fun, & vibrant brand! Our product was established in Cancun Mexico back in 2005 and we are proud to tell you we are 100% the original brand.

SunSmiles® offer a range of hand made interchangeable laces and accessories to make shoe accessorizing an effortless, easy & fun way to mix and match for any wardrobe. Not only are SunSmiles® fun & creative, they offer extra comfort due to the high quality foam base that gently shapes itself to your foot providing extra protection and essential comfort.

The sustainability of SunSmiles® is really high and this is way the ecological footprint is limited to a minimum. When you grow out of your sandal base or it is worn out in a while, you only have to replace the base and you use the uppers over and over again.

They are a must have for every woman! So throw out your old flip flops, slippers and sandals and find the perfect pair. Create your own style and be hip, hot and trendy! The 250 different uppers give you the opportunity to pimp up every outfit.

The sizes of the 3-loop sandal already start at UK 0 or a US 3 so they are also great for the kids! You can even share your uppers!


5 thoughts on “Our product

  1. sharien says:

    I have several gift shops in the Caribbean market, and would like to custom make sandals for my shop, is that possible? I can be reached at (305) 790-4490

  2. Fanofmouse says:

    My sister and I bought these sandals in Bonaire this past Jan while traveling on The Disney Cruise. We and LOVE them. They are so comfortable!

  3. Denise says:

    I bought these while in Bonaire on the Celebrity cruise in April. I love them too cute & comfy! Change to set off any outfit.

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