Custom Sandals by SunSmiles

Custom Sandals from SunSmiles are comfortable women's sandals with laces and high-quality memory foam bases. We have a large selection of colorful laces. You can first choose your favorite sandal base and customize it with laces and accessories.

Design your own Customized Sandals

Are you looking for a way to have a new pair of shoes for every fashionable outfit? You can have personalized sandals for every day of summer. With a little vision and a great internet connection, you can design your own sandals online. This is a fun and exciting way to make your mark on your own personal fashion. You are able to infuse your own personal style into your shoe collection to create a one of a kind shoe wardrobe that is second to none.


'From a racey lacey strap to a beautiful bootie, you are able to make the design your own.'


The custom handmade laces and accessories allow you to infuse your own sense of style in each pair of shoes you create. The memory foam base combines comfort and style into one beautiful shoe to give you a design that fits your personality and your outfit. 'From a racey lacey strap to a beautiful bootie, you are able to make your own design'. Top it off with a beautiful rhinestone or butterfly-shaped jewelry accent piece and you are ready for the most elite social events or the brightest dance floor in town.


How to make your own Beautiful Sandals? It’s easy!

The process is as easy as 1-2-3. Select a base, choose your laces or boots and accessorize them. You’re done. We’ve taken all of the guesswork out of the process. There are four bases to choose from. The two wood-look bases come in a three or five loop base. The black bases also come in three or five loop bases. Both choices are made from a memory foam material for the ultimate level of comfort. After you have selected your base, now the fun begins. There is a wide variety of laces and gladiator styles available for the picking. The laces come in a variety of solid colors and bold prints that will make all green with envy. From a boho purple lace to a classic black design, you can make it happen with the wide selection of beautifully designed laces. The fabrics are as varied as the stars in the sky. There is no limit on the vibrant colors to choose from. Now that you have selected your laces, it’s time to bling it out. The accessories make for fun DIY sandals. The accessories come in a variety of materials. From a silver buckle charm to a simple gold ring, you are able to make bling happen just the way you want it.


Five benefits of wearing Custom Made Sandals

Everyone loves the look and feel of custom made items. Sandals are no different. When you're able to design and wear a beautifully designed element straight from your own imagination, there's a sense of pride you have as you match them with the perfect shade of blue or just the right shade of yellow. Regardless of the color selection, SunSmiles are designed to fit your personality and your wardrobe selection perfectly. When you design your own sandals online, there's a sense of anticipation and excitement as you anxiously await the arrival of custom-designed shoes to arrive. Once you’ve designed one pair, there is a desire to design more and more. There are benefits of wearing your own personally designed flip flops.


Choose the style that represents you or your mood

That’s right, you are able to customize to your mood. You are able to make sandals that are an expression of your mood, your wardrobe design and your feelings for the day. Just because it's Wednesday, you can create a design that is suitable for a Wednesday hump day mood. For a footloose and fancy-free Friday, you're able to change one element of your shoe design and you are ready for the weekend. These flexible and beautiful designs allow you to customize your SunSmiles to fit your personality and your mood. You can make your own sandals that are an expression of how you feel at that moment. If you're even more daring, you can even change your shoe design within the same day. Changing from a basic metal accent piece to a fabulous bling rhinestone piece will easily transform your shoe from day to evening with just one change of element. These accent pieces allow you to transform your look anytime you see fit.


Travel light: One pair of sandal bases and a couple of sets of laces

Who says traveling light has to restrict you. With these personalized sandals, you're able to pack smart and fashionable with just one pair of bases. You're probably thinking that packing one pair of shoes for a weekend getaway is simply unheard of, and you're right. With our seamless and easy transitional sandals, you're able to pack one base, a few laces and a couple of accent pieces and you'll have shoes ready to wear for eight different outfits. They are light to pack and easy and functional when you're on the go traveling. These beautiful and flexible sandal designs allow you to incorporate your style even when you're not at home. You're able to infuse your personality into your fashion while you are exploring far away and exotic places. Whether you are dancing the night away at a beach resort or sightseeing on a beautiful island. Either way, you're able to pack light and remain fashionable at the same time. This element makes this sandal design the perfect getaway shoe.


Sandals truly have a timeless design

Not only are these sandals elegant and beautiful, but they are also able to withstand the test of time. These timeless and beautifully designed sandals will fill your closet with a variety of shoe styles with one simple base. Considering the longevity of this piece of footwear and their long-standing place in our history, it doesn't appear that they will be going out of style anytime soon. The way you choose to wear them is totally up to you. These timeless beauties will provide you the variety you need. If you choose to wear them with a short midi dress or a long flowing bohemian design, we have what you need. If you like wearing these cuties with a pair of shorts or jeans, we got you covered there also. With a wide variety of styles, there is a sandal sure to match your outfit. Whether you decide to go for a gladiator look or a dainty and elegant lace look, you're able to create a design that is timeless, elegant, beautiful and functional.


Comfortable yet elegant

Often, we are called to make the sacrifice between comfort and elegant Beauty. How many times have you been to a shoe shop and tried on a pair of stunningly beautiful shoes only to find they are extremely painful? No need to worry. Our designs are comfortable, elegant and suited to fit any design you select. It's no longer mandatory to sacrifice style for comfort. The high-quality memory foam gently surrounds the shape of your feet to provide a comfort that is second to none. These comfortable sandals are guaranteed to fit perfectly and comfortably. You're able to effortlessly display your fashion style without the worry of choosing comfort over high fashion. The coordinating laces are made of the softest high-quality fabrics that contain a Lycra material. This material is soft to the touch and when it envelops your feet, it creates a beautiful design that you don't mind wearing from day to evening. The lace and booties are made from soft elastic lycra that stays put and helps you maintain your design throughout the entire day. How many times have you tried a lace-up design, only find at the end of the day the laces have gathered around your ankles? How frustrating is that? Our soft, flexible and elegantly designed fabrics are designed with you in mind. They stay in place while you move.


Your feet can breathe

No one likes sweaty feet. With these elegantly beautiful and fabulously functional shoes, your feet are allowed to feel the freedom of the wind breeze over with the delight of refreshing cool air. Do your feet a favor and give them the gift of air. Not only do you feel as if you are walking on a cloud, but your feet are also surrounded by the most breathable fabrics that give your toes a much-needed vacation. These DIY sandals allow you to make your own sandals that are fashionable, beautiful and functional. Let your little piggies breathe and look fabulous while doing it. Not only are your feet able to breathe, but they are able to do so with the highest style of fashion and design. When high fashion meets functionality, it can blow your mind that a sandal so beautiful could be so functional. The cool and soft fabrics are soft to the touch and beautiful to behold. The breathable materials allow you to wear your sandals all day and all night without one ounce of sweat. Do yourself a favor and create your own sandals today.


The most Comfortable Sandals around the world

If you're looking for the most comfortable sandals, you've come to the right place. SunSmiles sandals are beautifully designed and made with the finest quality materials. They allow your feet to breathe while providing a fashionable style for any occasion. If you're on the go and are a frequent traveler, this is an excellent way to change simple accessories and create several looks as you travel. The comfortable memory foam material allows your feet to breathe as you wear them. You're able to wear these flip flops from morning to night and not feel confined or uncomfortable while doing so. Not only are you able to experience a level of comfort that is unmatched, you're also able to change your designs at the drop of a dime. With a change in accessories, you're able to create an entirely different look that takes you from day to evening. The high-quality memory foam base provides a high level of comfort that gently envelops your feet with light and airy materials. If you're looking for a natural bohemian look, the wood base would be the best design choice. If you're looking for something more elegant and refined, the black sandal base is perfect for a night on the town.


Producing high-quality footwear for over 15 years

With SunSmiles, footwear fashion has never been more unique. We've been in business for over 15 years and are experts at creating a beautiful and timeless brand that transcends the evolution of fashion. Founded in Cancun Mexico, our one of a kind company produces one of a kind fashionable footwear that is proudly and comfortably worn by women around the world. The only challenge you will pose is selecting just one set of beautifully designed laces, booties or accessories. They are so fabulous, you can’t pick just one design. We have been producing fashionable footwear since 2005 with no plans of slowing down. We have established a brand that is highly sought after and provides the highest quality brand on the market. With the high quality of design, we have developed a footwear brand anyone would be proud to wear. 'Create your own sandals' is our original concept and we are proud of doing this for over 15 years.


Where can you find Custom Sandals?

This SunSmiles web shop, is a one-stop-shop website that displays all of the items needed to customize your own sandals. The extensive collection of items ranging from their base to all of the accessories needed to complete the look of your sandals. All of the designs are available on their extensive website for your shopping enjoyment. If you choose to visit one of our local shops, you are sure to be delighted with the same high quality of service as we offer online. To find a local store near you, visit the Where To Buy section for a list of local stores.