Sandals, Accessories and Sunglasses for Women

We offer great women sandals for women with different styles and from all ages. Our comfy sandals are custom made to fit your sandal needs. The soft stretchy laces are great to make strappy sandals, laced-up sandals and gladiator sandals.

Looking for beautiful and sustainable Women's Sandals, Accessories or Sunglasses? You are in the right place. With our unique sandal designs and accessories, you can easily create a new look every day! Select a pair of comfortable sandal bases and combine them with different sandal laces or sandal boots. That way you can create countless models and styles!

Our Memory Foam Sandals will shape to your feet in no time. The soft stretchy laces are great for creating Strappy Sandals, Lace-up Sandals, and Gladiator Sandals. You can also accessorize your sandals with different gold and silver charms, clip-on charms and coconut or rhinestone Sandal Accessories. Complete your colorful summer look, with our affordable sunglasses with bamboo legs and polarized lenses!