Lace-up Sandals

Lace-up Sandals by SunSmiles are Women's Sandals with memory foam bases and a large selection of colorful laces. Design your own custom sandal collection! 
Black Lace-up Sandals
Black Lace-up Sandals
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Brown Lace-up Sandals
Brown Lace-up Sandals
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Gold Lace-up Sandals
Gold Lace-up Sandals
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Nude Lace-up Sandals
Nude Lace-up Sandals
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White Lace-up Sandals
White Lace-up Sandals
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Lace-up Sandals from SunSmiles

"The only pair of Lace up sandals you will ever need"

Our lace-up sandals are incredibly comfortable and made with a high-quality Memory foam bases in black or wood look. The sandals have soft lycra laces in many different colors to choose from. Which one is your favorite?


The SunSmiles Lace-up collection

Wouldn't it be great if you could have someone else mix and match in style for you? Well, this is exactly what we tried to do here! The sandals you see on this page already are a complete set which we preselected for you. So, you do not have to design your own set from scratch. The set includes a pair of sandal bases and one pair of sandal laces. Don't they look just fabulous? And you have so many options to choose from! Gold lace-up sandals or white lace-up sandals with a wood look base? What would you like to wear this summer? If you prefer the black sandal bases, you can pick the black lace-up sandal set we selected for you. If you found your favorite pair of sandals with laces here, go ahead and order them now! However, if you prefer to design your sandals from scratch or have a look at the wide range of sandals we have in our shop, feel free to Check out our entire collection of sandal laces here.


Five reasons to wear Lace-up Sandals

Ever noticed how some women just seem to have the right pair of sandals for each and every one of their outfits? Want to know more about how they do it? Well, they certainly have a pair of strappy sandals to rely on. Here are just a few reasons to get your pair today!

  1. They go well with pretty much any type of summer outfit.
  2. You can wear them to the park or a wedding; it's up to you.
  3. They are very comfortable, your feet will feel like they are in heaven.
  4. They are easy to pack when you need to travel often.
  5. Classic design, suited for all types of feet.

Sounds good, right? Well, let's dive in and have a look at the details!

Accessorize your summer outfits with a pair of flat lace up sandals

Your pair of strappy sandals will soon become the most prized accessory in your wardrobe, and for a good reason. All women, whatever their age might be, should own a pair of lace up sandals. These sandals are incredibly versatile and go with an incredible number of outfits. They are great footwear for lots of different occasion, from going shopping, long walks, clubbing, romantic dinners to going out with a friend. More than this, you can count on SunSmiles Sandals when you want to create an elegant, romantic, and feminine look. Wear the sandals with jeans and a white or black t-shirt for a casual look. If you want to dress up, all you have to do is throw in a blazer, maybe even a hat, and you are ready to go. Even something as simple as an elegant scarf can completely change your look. When it comes to dresses and skirts, the flat lace up sandals are a true inspiration. Wear your sandals with a miniskirt or a long dress, let them join seamlessly with the type of event you are going to, or with your personal style of the day. 


Just one pair of sandals from morning until late at night

One of the main reasons why we love strappy sandals is that you can wear them from the moment you wake up until you are ready to go back to bed and, at the same time, look incredibly fashionable all day long! No matter how many outfits you can change in a day, you can still wear the same pair of sandals. Just tie the laces in ad different way or change the color or print and you are set for another adventure. These sandals will never get bored, as you can keep on changing the model and laces for a limitless amount of times.  

Your SunSmiles Lace-up Sandals are timeless and will turn all your outfits into eye-catchers! These original sandals are great to create an elegant style and perfect for a Boho look. You can wear them to the park, for a day out with friends, and to all the festivals you want to have fun at during the summer.

If you were wondering what to wear for that date you have with the hot guy you met in the coffee shop this morning, the answer is simply your favorite SunSmiles Sandals! They are elegant and can become casual in the blink of an eye. They go with all your short jeans or a summer dresses. Are you ready for joy?


Wear your lace up sandals to any type of event, casual or more formal

Want to know a secret? You can wear your nude lace-up sandals to a summer wedding and look absolutely fashionable! Depending on your outfit, you can even go for the white lace-up sandals or the gold lace-up sandals? The knee-high lace up sandals are a great choice for formal events!

You might not have considered this before, but once you get your pair and fall in love with them, you will start noticing your favorite celebrities wearing similar sandals everywhere. From the catwalk to the park, the strappy sandals are always a great choice. More than this, this type of gladiator sandals is incredibly fashionable and a symbol of timeless elegance. 

Remember how it's always a struggle to choose the perfect dress for a more formal event as you either don't have the shoes for it or the shoes are the silent killer type? With SunSmiles Sandals, you can choose whatever dress you like, without having to worry about anything else. The nude lace-up sandals look great with practically anything, from a long gown to a mini dress. You can even wear them with a dressy suit with short pants and look incredibly hot! The sky is the limit when it comes to all possible mix-and-match options you have at the tip of fingers! If you want to have a look at all possible combinations, check out this page where you can create your sandals from scratch.


Heaven for your feet! The most comfortable Lace-up Sandals ever

You dream of a pair of sandals that look absolutely divine, go well with all your outfits and…

This is usually where the dream ends as most of us know that perfect sandals are often a nightmare to wear… the straps can dig deep and leave marks into the skin when worn for a longer period of time. The soles of the feet can start hurting if there is no support and so on. But the SunSmiles sandals are oh, so very different. They are heaven for your feet! Because of the memory foam used for the bases, the sandals are incredibly comfortable to wear. Moreover, the lycra laces are very different from anything else you have tried before. First of all, they are delicate, soft, and stretchy, which is amazing as they won't leave any marks on your feet. SunSmiles Sandals are a pleasure to wear, a real treat for your feet! 

The tie up sandals stay up your leg perfectly the entire day and won't slide down. Our sandals are truly unique, very comfy, and will give you a sophisticated look with no efforts at all! 

But, wait – there is more! Do you know that the height of the sandal laces can be easily adjusted? This means that you can adjust the laces, so the sandals fit perfectly on your feet and calves, no matter what type of feet, calves or ankles you have, you will always have your own, personalized, unique pair of sandals with ankle laces.

And did we mention that they feel super comfy because of the soft and stretchy quality of our laces? Well, they do! You can combine them with any outfit because of the wide collection of colors, and you can even take them to your favorite festivals!


Strap up sandals are great for when you need to travel

It's a familiar story, and it usually goes like this: You are packing for a weekend away or even for a longer trip, you got half your closet out on the bed, and you're looking at every dress thinking what shoes to pair with it. As it often happens to most of us, you soon realize that you need at least three different pairs of sandals to wear with the dresses you want to bring. And it is just that taking both shoes and different pairs of sandals take up too much space in your luggage… Usually, you end up picking just one or two pairs of sandals that are lighter and bring a few dresses that go with them, but that means not necessarily the ones you love the most.

Well, from now on, you can say goodbye forever to this doom and gloom scenario! It took you blood, sweat and tears before. You want to travel light but also bring all your favorite clothing items and shoes with you. It’s like Mission Impossible 10, but not anymore, there is no need to go there ever again!

Now, your flat lace-up sandals from SunSmiles will travel with you anywhere! They take up literally no space at all, as you will probably choose to wear them every day and you only need one set of bases a couple of laces. They are great to wear on long road trips as they allow your feet to breathe. This way, you can forget having sweaty or swollen feet when you are in a car for too long. The knee-high lace up sandals are a also great choice for when you need to travel by plane. You'll arrive at your destination looking absolutely glamourous, especially if you wear them with a soft silk dress or a pair of white shorts and a linen shirt. 

When you pack your sandals with laces, rest assured. they can fit literally almost anywhere. Maybe you shouldn't try to get them inside the bum bag or the crossbody, but everywhere else, they should be ok! And the other good news is that they are incredibly light, weighing no more than a few hundred grams, so about the weight of a large apple. So, you will save those precious travel grams for other items in your wardrobe.


Versatile design – great for all types of feet

You freeze in your tracks each and every time you need to go sandal shopping because you have small feet and rarely can find a design that suits you. How familiar is this? Or, you are just the opposite, and you yearn for a lovely pair of lace up sandals for wide feet. Whatever the case might be, you should know that here you will always find lace up sandals for small feet and wide feet in a wide range of colors and designs. 

If we look back at the history of sandals, we discover that they were the first type of shoes we ever put our feet in. It all started with the need to protect our feet from the sharp rocks, the cold and other environmental agents, and this was the reason why the materials used back then were animal skins, leaves, and even wood. There is proof discovered that people were wearing sandals around the year 8.000 BC. Gladiator Sandals were also known since Ancient Rome and just as fashionable today as they were useful then. However, with the modern development of technology and a wide range of innovative materials to use, the SunSmiles sandals have not only a timeless classic design, but they also fit great all types of feet. The sandals with laces that are adjustable on your feet are a joy to wear and can turn any of your outfits into remarkable ones. While fashion is ever-changing, there are basic items that you can use to create elegant outfits year after year. Your SunSmiles Sandals will never run out of fashion, that's a fact!


How to wear the Lace-up sandals – tips and tricks

Who else wants to wear the most comfortable sandals every day, whatever the occasion might be? Yeah, it's true, we all do! And truth be told, sandals can be just as elegant as pumps, even for more formal events. Now, let's have a look at how to wear the lace up girly sandals:

  • With jeans
  • With long gowns
  • With dresses
  • With shorts
  • At the beach
  • At the club
  • At the restaurant 


SunSmiles Sandals & Short Jeans – a match made in Heaven

One of the most popular outfits that you can create to wear with your lovely SunSmiles sandals involves your favorite pair of short jeans. Let's be honest here, and this is a match made in heaven! Jeans are comfortable, look great, and are incredibly versatile, and the exact same things we can say about your sandals too. So, it is only natural to find ourselves in this outfit more often than not. To make the most out of it, you can accessorize it up or down, depending on the event or location. For example, at the beach, wear the sandals with jeans and a monochrome tank top. For an eye-catching detail, choose a headband with similar details as the sandals. Wear the jeans & sandals combo at the club with a silk blouse for a more elegant touch. Try a blouse with an intricate pattern or a vivid color (fuchsia or sapphire blue). If you want to wear your sandals with jeans at the restaurant, a linen or cotton shirt could be a good choice. At the same time, you could also wear a tunic to create a more versatile outfit.


Laced sandals for your evening dresses

Do you want to learn how to look like a Greek goddess (and feel like one too) at every formal event you attend? Do you want to know the secret to an incredible evening, a fabulous attire, and no swollen feet? Well, you might have guessed already – it is all in the shoes! And our SunSmiles Sandals are just perfect even for formal outfits. Just imagine a flowy dress, delicate and soft, with a spectacular empire waist… it does sound rather royal, right? The good news is that this is the kind of evening gown that you can wear with the lace up sandals and look perfect. And the bonus is that you're not only going to look fabulous, but your feet will feel fabulous too! The sandals are very comfy, perfect for dancing the night away! The fabric of the dress is very important, but you have plenty to choose from. Dresses made with chiffon, organza, and silk can be all worn with these sandals. Also, the length of the dress can make a whole lot of difference. It all depends on whether if you want to show off your SunSmiles Sandals or use them to complement you stunning dress.


Strappy sandals & shorts – the youthful combo

Whatever your age might be, it is impossible not to feel like in your twenties again when wearing strappy sandals with shorts! It is a combination that always brings back sweet memories and also very easy to recreate each and every summer. Keep in mind that the length of the shorts determines the type of top you can wear with the combo. For example, if your shorts are very short and you want to show some skin, you can try a crop top. Also, very short shorts with sandals go well with a loose white blouse or shirt. Actually, you can wear this combo even when it's chilly outside, with a sweater or a cardigan. 


SunSmiles Sandals - experts in Lace-up Sandals

"We are producing high-quality customized sandals for over 15 years"

With SunSmiles sandals, footwear fashion has never been more unique. We've been in business for over 15 years and are experts at creating a beautiful and timeless brand that transcends the evolution of fashion. Founded in Cancun Mexico, our one of a kind company produces one of a kind fashionable footwear that is proudly and comfortably worn by women around the world. The only challenge you will pose is selecting just one set of beautifully designed laces, booties or accessories. They are so fabulous; you can’t pick just one design. We have been producing fashionable footwear since 2005 with no plans of slowing down. We have established a brand that is highly sought after and provides the highest quality brand on the market. With the high quality of design, we have developed a footwear brand anyone would be proud to wear. 'Create your own sandals' is our original concept and we are proud of doing this for over 15 years.

Where can you find more models of Lace-up Sandals?

This SunSmiles web shop, is a one-stop-shop website that displays all of the items needed to customize your own sandals. The extensive collection of items ranging from their base to all of the accessories needed to complete the look of your customized sandals. All of the designs are available on their extensive website for your shopping enjoyment. If you choose to visit one of our local shops, you are sure to be delighted with the same high quality of service as we offer online. To find a local store near you, visit the Where To Buy section for a list of local stores.