Gladiator Sandals for Women

Our Gladiator Sandals for Women are comfortable sandals with a memory foam base. The upper part of the sandals are Laces made of high-quality fabrics that contain lycra. This fabric makes your sandals very comfortable to wear.
Gold Gladiator Sandals
Gold Gladiator Sandals
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Black Gladiator Sandals
Black Gladiator Sandals
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White Gladiator Sandals
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SunSmiles Gladiator Sandals for Women 


'The only pair of Sandals You'll Ever Need'


It's 2020, and these sandals have not gone out of style. Frankly, they don't seem to be leaving the fashion scene soon, thanks to their timeless and comfy design. Like good old boots, you can wear them on almost anything and have people admire your choice of footwear throughout the day.

Our sandals are quite easy to come by. But you don't want any type. Only the best will do. So, if you're searching for one of the best pairs for your outfit, then you've come to the right place.

You have lots of options to pick from in the SunSmiles Collection. But that's not all. In three easy steps, you can design your pair from scratch and get the gladiator sandals that'll fit your feet and calf perfectly.


What's in the SunSmiles Sandal Collection?

Picture a pair of black or brown sandals on a white knee-length flowery gown. Or a silver pair worn on a long flowing silk dress. Doesn't that sound like something you would love to wear on a cool evening or bright summer afternoon? You'll find complete sandals sets of different sizes and colors in the SunSmiles collection.


Benefits of Wearing Sandals

You can do no wrong when wearing sandals. But what are the benefits of wearing lace-up sandals with your clothes?

Here are a couple of reasons they should be the first footwear you pick from your rack:


You get to choose the style you want

With other types of strappy sandals, you'll have to pray that the available options fit. Also, the color may not be what you were expecting. But not with these sandals. You can create your own beautiful designs, the laces come in different lengths, and lots of radiant colors, so you are guaranteed to find a match with your clothes.

The best part is that the bases and straps don't have to be the same color. So, you can mix up a patterned lace with a black base or any other color combination you want. The choice is yours and the options almost limitless!


You get to travel light

These sandals are the perfect getaway footwear you'll find. They are lightweight. So, you can easily put them in your traveling bag and be on your way to your dream resort. But who says you can only pack one complete set?

Our sandals for women are not the usual rigid thigh-high footwear. If another color of lace your brought seems more attractive to match your outfit, then you can easily swap the laces. They have a looped bases, which makes changing the laces very easy.

So, with one base, several laces, and a few accessories, you'll have a pair of unique shoes for many different occasions. The icing on the cake that you've found a way to creatively use one set of light weighted bases with a selection of your favorite laces.

Your sandals will fit in your carry-on, backpack, or luggage easily. So, they are one of the perfect pair of footwear for when you want to pack light.


Your Feet can breathe

Remember how uncomfortable it was keeping your feet in those lace-up shoes for hours? They get sweaty, and the shoes feel messy within a few minutes. Well, you'll never experience that with open sandals. Your feet will feel the cool breeze and will thank you for making the right choice of footwear.

You'll also have nothing to worry about, even when the scorching sun comes out during summer.


They have a Timeless Design

Generally, sandals are elegant and eye-catching. Especially when worn properly and with the right clothing, they'll surely get anyone's attention. But you might not find a pair of sandals that can compete with your SunSmiles Sandals in terms of design ;-)

After surviving different fashion trends, you can bet that the beautiful design of these ankle high sandals is one of the reasons they are still in vogue. But they aren't a one-look-fits-all type of footwear. You'll be able to create many different designs in the many different colors that are available.


They are Comfortable to wear

If you know a thing or two about lace-up shoes, you’ll agree that some footwear can be painful to put on. The laces could make your feet sore, and they could be unbearable to wear the entire day. So, you'll be glad to know that SunSmiles Sandals are comfortable to slip on and remove.

As long as you're wearing one that's just your size and you know how to tie the laces, you should have no complaints about these tie up sandals. Our sandals don't leave marks, which is a good thing of course. Nice and comfy!

A pair of SunSmiles is all you need for a firm grip. But not so firm that they become painful. Just the right touch, so that they envelop your feet and calf properly. With such a comfortable grip, you can wear them all day long without feeling any pains.

Our sandal laces are made from quality fabrics that contain lycra. Since they are soft-touch and elastic, they'll stay in place once you tie them on. These gladiator sandals fit both women with small, wide or mid-sized calves.

They are are the perfect combination of comfort and functionality.


How to Rock Sandals

Purchasing your Roman Sandals is one side of the coin. The other is making a fashion statement with them. So, here are some tips that can help you out:


Pick a design that suits your legs

One of the reasons you should buy a nice pair is so that you can flaunt your leg's features. It always will be perfect for you. You can pick a design that accentuates your legs or feet by matching colors.

Shoes should complement your feet's features. So, if you have slim feet, then you should go for adjustable laced sandals, like the ones you see on this page. With the right selection of color of laces to go with your feet, your sandals will enhance your leg's appearance.


Try them out on different outfits

You can get creative with the type of outfit to wear with your sandals. There are really no limitations here. Here are some ideas that go perfectly with our designs of sandals for women:

  • Match them with prints: Wearing a monochrome print with them works for sure. However, you'll make a bold fashion statement when you wear them with patterned dresses or shorts. If you want your sandals to be your outfit's centerpiece, then the dress or shorts should have micro prints. This way, they do not compete with the sandals for attention.
  • Wear a white or black dress (LBD): Even with accessories on, a black or white dress may still seem dull. But waering cool sandals can bring them back to life. If you are going for an elegant look, then try complementing your dress with neutral tones or silver gladiator sandals.
  • Match them with denims: Whether it's shorts, skirts, or a shirt-dresses, it doesn't matter. Your sandals will go perfectly with denim. You've just got to find the best color of laces that'll spice up the sharp denim blue.
  • Use them on casual dresses: An all-time stylish look is to pair them with short skirts. But they  also go well with long floral dresses. It's up to you to decide which best fits and how you want to match them.
  • Wear them with skinny jeans and jumpsuit: No! Not full-length jeans or jumpsuits. Anything that stops at the knee will do. They'll enhance the features of your legs.
  • Try them with trench coats: Sandals are, no doubt, one of the most perfect footwear for summer. However, that doesn't mean you can't rock them on a windy evening. Knee-high models also match perfectly with long trench coats.
  • Wear them with midi dresses: The classic way to rock gladiator sandals is to wear a midi dress and calf-high sandals. We reckon that the sandals and the dress should complement each other and have similar colors.


How to tie Gladiator sandals

Ever wondered how to tie your Roman sandals without the laces sliding down? Well, if you'll be exchanging laces often, you have got to learn how to tie and untie the laces on them.

Based on the position of the final knots, there are three ways to tie up your sandals; on the ankle, the calf, or mid-way between the ankle and the calf.

Here are some of the most common ways to get it done.

The Knee-high Sandals Without Buckles

  • First, put the lace in the base's loops if it isn't fixed already. Bases with five-loops always go with longer laces.
  • Next, put on the sandals. Ideally, the laces should be behind your ankles at this point. Use both hands to grab both ends of the laces and ensure they the same length.
  • After wearing the sandal, wrap the laces for the first time around your calf. While the left piece goes clockwise, the right one goes anti-clockwise. Ensure that it isn't too tight. You should be able to put one finger under the lace.
  • Continue crossing through the laces. Repeat the process in the last two steps until you've got only a little lace left. The laces should be at your calf at this point.
  • Finish it up by tying the laces at the front or the back.


The Low-style Sandals Without Buckles

Here's another way to tie your sandals:

  • Put the lace into the base: If you are using a five-loop base, then start from the loop at the intersection between your big toe and your other toes. Make sure the laces are of equal length. Then, cross from the loops that are closer to your feet till you get to the back of the base.
  • From the back of the base, check if the laces are still the same length. If they are, then wear your gladiator sandals and start crossing the laces up your leg.
  • Since the goal is to get low-style sandals, stop crossing a few inches from your feet. Your laces should not get to your calf.
  • Finish up by tying the lace that's left once or twice.

The Ankle Sandals without buckles

If you don't want to make a bold fashion statement, then you can also try out this ankle style. Follow the first two steps of the previous styles. The only difference this time is that you'll be stopping at the ankles. So, wrap any lace that is left several times at your ankles. However, you should be careful not to make it too tight.


How to create your own Gladiator sandals

You can get a complete set from our collection of sandals. However, you've also got the option of picking everything from start to finish yourself. Here are the three easy steps to get that done:


1. Pick a base

We make our sandal bases from top-quality memory foam. That's because they provide comfort and protection people need in a pair of sandals and make your feet look stunning. So, the first step is to choose the right base.

We have wood-look and black sandal bases, and you need the five-loop bases for a Gladiator model.


2. Choose the uppers

The next step is to pick one of SunSmiles' uppers for your sandal bases These uppers are either laces or booties. Both are elastic and made to stay perfectly on your leg. Most laces come with buckles or rings that give you extra styling options. They also make swapping your sandals every day a breeze.

You can pick from the wide range of lace colors that we have in our collection. From red to black, brown, silver, and orange, you name it. Get all the colors you like, so you will be able to match your outfit and mood every day.

Our prints are limited editions and unique. So, you won't find them anywhere else than in our sandal laces scollection.


3. Pick your unique sandal accessories

The last step is to choose the accessories that will go with your tie up sandals. These accessories are made from different materials and can be the perfect decorative piece for your own unique sandals. Some examples of the ones we have include rings, clip-ons, and buckles.

Who says you need the same accessory on both feet? You can combine our lead and cadmium-free accessories anyhow you like.


The most Comfortable Sandals around

If you care about your comfort and want to get quality sandals, then you are at the right place. You'll get to pick from our already combined sets or custom design a pair yourself yourself. The laces are guaranteed to stay firm on your leg without falling.

Uniquely designed for the elegant and sophisticated look, you will not find a more comfortable pair anywhere else.

Unlike what you see in most other brands, our designs are fully adjustable. So, you can bring them down and make sure they fit your foot and calf perfectly. But the best thing is that you can combine them with almost any outfit you want to wear.


SunSmiles: Experts in quality sandal design

SunSmiles has been the go-to place for top-quality sandals for many years. Ever since our inception, more than 15 years ago, we have created timeless designs for sandals. We've broken the norm, between that time and now, and found creative ways to make more options available to our customers.

Our top-quality footwear company was founded in Mexico. We've have taken pride in our world-class services and provide you with the most comfortable sandals for women you can find aroudn the globe.

With many options at your disposal, the only thing you have to figure out is which one will be perfect for you. Our laces, bases, and accessories are all beautiful and skillfully designed that we are confident that you'll fall in love with them. Anyone will be proud to have our products in their footwear collection. And since they come in different colors, our tie up sandals will brighten your outfits.

We've been making these original and quality sandals since 2005. That’s over 15 years of sandal expertise that was put into producing your SunSmiles Sandals.

Where do you buy your gladiator sandals?

So, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to include a couple of our sandals in your footwear collection? All you have to do is check out this website, and you'll see the wide range of sandals we have available for you. But not just as a complete sandal set. Everything from the base to the laces and the accessories. You can also get a custom-made set here.

Apart from ordering online at this web shop, you can also get them from one of the SunSmiles Sandals resellers near you. Be assured that most shops will have the same solid color laces available for your sandals, you'll find on this website. The limited-edition prints are best bought directly via our web shop. You do not want to have the chance of missing out on them, as new prints are added frequently.

Check our where to buy page to find the closest stores to you and start shopping for your perfect tie up sandals.