Fabric Sandals Original Red Brush


Design your own Fabric Sandals with our Red Brush Sandal Booties! 

Our Fabric Sandals Original Red Brush are one of our special printed sandal booties. The sandal booties are handmade from high-quality fabrics that contain lycra. These fabrics make your sandal booties super comfortable. These sandal boots can be worn inside out as well, so you can change them into a pair of solid color boots in no-time. That's twice the fun for the same price! 

The Red Brush Print Original Sandal Booties are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Because of the subtle shades of red, orange and yellow with some black and white accents you get a beautiful effect. Combine them with wood bases for all your festival outfits or with our black memory foam sandal bases for more dressy occasions. 

All Fabric Sandals Original fit our Memory Foam Sandal Bases with 3-loops.