Lux Laces Yellow

Create your own Gladiator Sandals or Lace-up sandals with our Lux Yellow Laces and Memory Foam Sandal Bases! Lux Laces are made from high-quality fabrics that contain Lycra. They are easy to interchange and you can tie them in different ways to create custom made sandals. The Lux Laces are long laces that are ideal to create a Yellow Gladiator Sandal or a Yellow Lace-up Sandal that stays up your leg perfectly. If you double the lace, it becomes short so you can create Strappy Sandals as well. The Lux Yellow Laces are beautiful bright yellow laces that make great Gladiator Sandals. These sandals will brighten up your beach look! They combine perfectly with our Memory Foam Sandal Bases with 5 loops, for a Gladiator Sandal, or with a 3 loop base for different models of Lace-up Sandals. These laces include 2 silver lux rings. For extra rings please visit our buckles & rings page.