Gladiator Print Laces Jeans


Design your own Jeans Gladiator Sandals with our Gladiator Print Laces and Memory Foam Sandal Bases! 

Our Jeans Print has a beautiful denim blue color, is comfy to wear and always has a perfect fit! This is the jeans color sandal you were looking for. 

Gladiator Print Laces are made from high-quality fabrics that contain Lycra. The Laces are soft and long and ideal for creating Jeans Gladiator Sandals. Double the lace for ankle high Denim Strappy Sandals! The Gladiator Print laces are easy to interchange and can be tied in different ways to custom make stylish and comfy sandals. 

These laces combine perfectly with our Memory Foam Sandal Bases with 5-loops for a Gladiator Sandal model. They can also be used with our 3-loop Memory Foam Sandal Bases for creating other styles of Lace-up Sandals!