Nude Lace-up Sandals


Our Nude Lace-up Sandals are comfortable sandals with a high-quality Memory foam sandal bases in wood color and Nude laces. The Sandal Laces stay up your leg perfectly the entire day and won't slide down. Our Nude Lace-up Sandals are unique sandals, very comfy and will give you a sophisticated look!

Your Nude Lace-up Sandals are timeless and will turn all your outfits into eye-catchers! These Lace-up sandals will give you an elegant style and are perfect to combine with natural colored outfits. You can alter the height of the sandal laces yourself, so the sandals will fit on every foot and every calf. They feel super comfy because of the soft and stretchy quality of our laces. You can combine them with almost any outfit from a nude dress to all your festival outfits!

These custom sandals already are a complete set. The set includes your sandal bases and sandal laces. Like to add other colors of laces to your collection? Check out our entire collection of sandal laces here