Fabric Sandals Ballet-style Turquoise Tie-dye


Design your own Stretchy Fabric Sandals with our Tie-dye 'Turquoise Flower' Ballet-style Booties!

Our Ballet-style Sandal Booties are a combination of our normal Sandal Booties and our Lace-up Sandals. You can wear these Fabric Sandals in many different ways! The booties can be worn inside out as well, so you can change them into a pair of solid color booties in no-time. That's twice the fun for the same price! 

The Ballet-style Tie-dye 'Turquoise Flower' Booties are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. These Tie-dye fabric booties have amazing pastel colors! They contain shades of turquoise, coral, green, white and some hints of orange. Combine them with wood bases for a Boho Sandal or with our black memory foam sandal bases for more dressy occasions. 

All Fabric Sandals Ballet-style fit our Memory Foam Sandal Bases with 3-loops.