About us

100-blackSunSmiles are not just Sandals. It is a story about friendship and loyalty!

The concept of SunSmiles® sandals was born on the coastline of Cancun. Carlos, the initiator of SunSmiles® is designer, entrepreneur but most of all he is a Surfer. Carlos was taking a break on the beach to recover a bit when he noticed all these girls on flip-flops. Suddenly a great idea popped in his mind. What if you can use the same base over and over again and just change the upper!

Carlos created a great design and started selling the sandals at the same coastline of Canun and it was a big hit. Than something awful happened. A very close friend of Carlos got into an accident and needed multiple operations to recover. Because she didn’t had insurance Carlos had to think of a plan so he could help his friend out. He contacted everyone he knew and raised all the money he needed to pay for the surgeries. He made the promises to pay them all back by selling sandals and making SunSmiles® a success.

In 2013-2014 the brand got a new boost with the opening of shops in the Caribbean and Key West. The number of resellers is still growing. People from all over the world come to the shops and fall in love with these great “create your ow” sandals.
In March 2015 Carlos joined forces with Nimh Verkerk who lives in the Dutch Caribbean. From that moment on Nimh is taking care of further expansion of the brand world wide.

A worldwide distribution center, now located in Mijdrecht (MINC) The Netherlands has opened in May 2015. On this location we keep a large stock, ready to ship out all over the world.
The SunSmiles® brand nowadays is formed by a small group of people living in Mexico, Dutch Caribbean and The Netherlands. We work together closely and inject passion and enthusiasm into the sandals and the brand. Above all, we believe in what we are doing and we will be proud to have you joining us.

Our mission
Give women more choice than ever. Create 100 different looks with 1 pair of sandals! We aim to open new brand stores all over the world.

We hope to welcome you soon in our flagship store on Bonaire or at our reseller shops in the Caribbean, US or Europe!

Are you interested in opening a SunSmiles® sandal shop yourself or are you a retailer and like to add SunSmiles® to your assortment? Become a reseller! Click here for more information.