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Wedding Sandals by SunSmiles are Wedding Sandals with memory foam bases and a large selection of laces that will perfectly match your wedding dress on this special day! Perfect for your summer beach wedding or match your boho wedding dress. 
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Wedding Sandals by SunSmiles

Wedding Sandals are one of the most important wedding accessories that can make or break your big day. Choose a pair of comfy, fabulous looking sandals to complement your bridal outfit. 

Wedding Sandals collection from SunSmiles  

Imagine what it would be like to get married to the most wonderful person in the world, in the most wonderful location, wearing the most beautiful dress and… some super comfortable shoes! Sounds like a dream, right? Well, we all know how difficult it is to find the right pair of wedding sandals, especially with so many options available nowadays. What is important to know is that more and more brides nowadays choose the less conventional path of strappy sandals for the wedding day. We’re talking flats for your big day! How comfortable does this sound? It is heaven, indeed, and, wait – there is more! Our wedding lace-up sandals feature a memory foam base that takes all the pressure off the soles of your feet so you can dance the night away. More than this, the straps are made out of a soft and flexible Lycra fabric that won’t leave deep indentation marks in the skin, even when you were the sandals for a long time.

Flat wedding sandals are among the most versatile options you can choose. And the SunSmiles wedding sandals are designed to make you feel comfortable and look amazingly beautiful on your special day! White sandals, beach sandals, lace-up sandals, white strappy sandals, you have plenty to choose from to compliment your bridal outfit. More than this, you can even create your wedding sandals from scratch, check out how to do it here. This way, you can have a special pair of sandals for your big day, one that you designed yourself! But aside from the fashion part, there are many reasons why you should wear our SunSmiles wedding sandals on your big day. Let’s have a look at some of them!


Five reasons for wearing Wedding Sandals on your big day

Let me guess: your family, his family, your friends, his friends and even the auntie coming all from different backgrounds, have completely different ideas about how your wedding day should go. More than this, some of them have requests that put you in limbo. Don’t even try to deny it, at some point it makes you wonder how you’ll get out of this alive, without getting in a fight or two. Many of us have been here at one point in our lives. But the reality is that everything related to the wedding is really your own choice. Just keep in mind four simple words and make them your motto during this time: “Your day – your rules!” 

We’ve all heard so many things about how the perfect wedding should look like. But this is YOUR day. And if you have found the perfect match, you will only experience this once in a lifetime. It’s the day where you get to be the center of attention. This is the reason why it is so important to choose the outfit and accessories carefully as they define you and your personal style. If you want to wear flats on your wedding day, rest assured you are not alone! More and more brides decide on this nowadays and for good reasons. Here are the 5 most important reasons:

  1. They are the best option for a number of locations (a beach wedding, garden wedding, or a wedding in the park).
  2. They are the most comfortable shoes in the world.
  3. You can dance.
  4. You can choose the style and colors that complement your personal style of the day.
  5. You can wear your wedding sandals after the wedding, for years to come.


Location considerations for your wedding and footwear

There is no doubt about it, an outdoor wedding is very special. Nowadays, many couples choose to say their vows somewhere surrounded by nature instead of in an old, traditional venue that hasn’t changed its interior since your grandparents got married there. And it’s only natural to go for a wedding location that suits your personal vibe and preferences. More than this, there are so many absolutely stunning options when it comes to outdoor wedding locations! You can have your wedding in a garden, on the beach, on top of a mountain, in a forest, practically anywhere! Just set up a tent and some chairs to accommodate your guests and you are ready to go.

We live on Bonaire, a small island in the Caribbean and it is definitely a top-ranking wedding spot for a lot of fans of the Caribbean-vibe.  The ocean’s breeze, crystal clear waters, white beaches, palm trees and the sounds of nature complement your special day. Who wouldn’t want to say ‘Yes!’ in such a special place?

Outdoor weddings are fun and interesting not only for the happy couple but also for the guests because… let’s admit it, everybody loves romance and a more laid-back décor. Just imagine how incredible the wedding pictures will look! More than this, an outdoor wedding allows for a different type of wedding attire, both for you and your significant other. 

Flat wedding sandals are perfect for outdoor weddings. Embrace nature and forget about those unnatural high heels that make you trip and make you feel like you are walking on stilts. Allow yourself to fully enjoy your special day wearing something really comfortable and just relax. 

We have lots of different colors available, whether you prefer white, black, nude, green, silver or gold wedding sandals. Have a look at all our laces in all available colors. They look astonishing when paired with the perfect wedding dress! As we mentioned before, it is your big day, and you can mix and match to your heart’s content! 


Comfort is essential – our bridal sandals are the comfiest in the world

You must have seen tons of videos with brides dancing barefoot. Actually, there’s so many of them doing this, and you might end up believing it is like a wedding tradition. But, rest assured, you won’t have to be doing the same if you choose to wear our SunSmiles Bridal Sandals. There would be just no reason to feel uncomfortable! The truth is that after a few hours wearing heels or stilettos (even sooner for some of us), most brides would give anything to throw their shoes away. Yes, the rumors are true- a lot of brides fantasize about setting their shoes on fire! However, this will not happen to if you choose to wear SunSmiles at your wedding. 

Your wedding day is a big event. This means that the chances are that you will be on your feet for many, many hours, greeting guests, dancing (the burden ;-), and so on. It is only natural to want to be comfortable, so you can have lots of fun until the party is over. Most of us can act amazingly well in tight, fitted dresses, the same is not valid for high heeled shoes, you can’t fake being comfortable wearing them. Even women who wear this type of shoes every day to work, find it quite a struggle to wear them for many hours. When the shoes are not comfortable, and your feet start to hurt, we are not really having fun anymore, are we?

Now, let’s focus on the solution – SunSmiles bridal sandals are perfect for your wedding day because they are incredibly comfortable! First, we’re talking about sandals that allow the feet to breathe, and this is quite a big deal when it comes to wearing them for hours and hours. Also, the material of the sandals is very important to provide comfort. Your strappy sandals are made with a high-quality memory foam bases so you feel like you are walking on clouds! Overmore, the straps are made from Lycra fabric – a soft and delicate material that is stretchy enough to not leave marks on the skin. The soft laces can be adjusted to perfectly fit your calves. This means that they will look and feel perfect on your feet! 

If you are ready to choose flat, comfortable lace up wedding sandals for your special day, go for it, and you won’t regret it. It is even more important to go for comfy flats sandals if you are not the type to wear heels usually (spoiler alert – it’s not as easy to wear them as you see on TV!). More than this, wearing high heels changes your center of gravity and can lead to an abnormal body posture. If you are not familiar with heels, your wedding day is not a good time to test whether you are up for it…. Go for the comfort and versatility of our tie up sandals, you won’t regret it.

No need to wear the sandals in before the big day

You have probably heard the advice a million times before – wear wedding shoes in before the special day. You must have read it in glossy wedding magazines, heard it from your mother, sister, and even the single cousin. Everybody knows this – you need to purchase your wedding shoes in time, and then wear them around the house until they become comfortable enough (another spoiler alert – some never do!). Some experts take this advice even further and suggest you need dance on the shoes a few times before you wear them on your wedding day. They say it’s fun and it will give you an idea about how you’ll look and feel on your wedding day. But, let’s be honest here – if you need to wear them in, it really means they are no fun at all! They might be too narrow, too tight, not soft enough… and do you really need another important task just before your wedding? Yeah, that’s what we thought!  Flat Wedding Sandals, like the ones you’re into buying today, are a very popular choice among free-minded brides nowadays.  

Do you want to know how to keep lace up sandals from sliding down? We recognize this is a common concern when it comes to wearing strappy wedding sandals. Nobody wants to deal with this on their big day, right? The good news is that you don’t have too when you wear SunSmiles. Our sandals never slide down, this is because of the high-quality material used for the laces and because the laces can be adjusted to fit perfectly on your legs. You can have a look at the instruction page if you want to learn more about tying your SunSmiles Sandals. 

Wedding Sandals that complement your style

Are lace up sandals fashionable enough? Well, comfort and versatility will always remain fashionable, and your SunSmiles Sandals are the definition of comfort and versatility! To top it off, this type of wedding sandals will bring your bridal outfit to perfection. Your Wedding Sandals are comfortable, yet suitable for an elegant wedding attire. Long gone are the days when sandals were only meant to be worn with jeans. Nowadays, you can pair your lace up sandals with an empire wedding dress or another type of romantic dress with a flowy look. It doesn’t even matter what length you prefer dress wise as the lace up sandals go well with short dresses, as well with long models. Whether your strappy sandals will be visible from under your dress or not, it is just a matter of personal preference, but they look amazing either way. 

If you want to wear a short dress for your wedding, you can pair them up with some knee-high wedding sandals, and the result will be impressive! Say hello to your inner goddess, and you will look just like one! If you wear a midi dress, choose an pair of ankle-height white wedding sandals. For the long gown, any type of sandals with laces should look fine and fashionable!

It is very easy to create a boho-chic or a romantic wedding outfit with your SunSmiles Sandals! And the best is yet to come because …

You can wear your SunSmiles Wedding Sandals after the wedding too!

Almost everytime, it happens that brides wears her precious wedding shoes once and they stay in their shoebox after that…. forever. More than this, comfortable wedding sandals are often not on the cheap side, so we end up paying a considerable amount…while wearing the shoes for just a few hours. This doesn’t sound ideal, we agree. This is another reason why you should wear SunSmiles sandals on your big day! Our strappy sandals can be worn to all different types of events, even after the wedding. You can wear, the same sandals you wore on your wedding day, for a walk in the park, during your honeymoon and for many more years to come! If you are not keen on investing a lot of money in a pair of shoes to wear just for a night, consider the multiple benefits that SunSmiles Sandals with laces can give you! Most importantly, each time you wear them, you’ll get a sweet reminder of your wedding day! If this isn’t sweet and romantic, we don’t know what is ;-)


Hot wedding debate: Heels versus flats!

Do you know that some brides tape their toes together to get through the wedding day without too much pain? Yes, the recommendation is to tape the third and fourth toe together to relieve pressure on the soles. It sounds like a torture method during medieval times, we know. Nowadays, it’s completely women can choose from a wide range of bridal sandals for their special wedding day. 


So, the hot debate is not really a debate, if you consider some aspects such as:

- You shouldn’t wear heels on your wedding day if you are not familiar with them. 

This is probably one of the most common mistakes brides make and it leads to unnecessary pain and discomfort. Keep in mind that you need to feel comfortable and have the freedom to move around like a queen on your special day, so go for flats!

- Even if you are used to heels, keep in mind that you’ll be wearing them for many hours, while dancing….kissing….drinking…yeah…you get the point.

Even for women who wear heels to work daily, wearing them on your wedding day can be very different. Keep in mind that wearing them to the office is not the same as dancing on them for hours. Wear flats comfortable sandals!


Choosing the wedding sandals – frequently asked questions

  • Do I choose sandals before or after the wedding dress?

Traditionally and ideally, you first but a dress, after that the shoes and the rest of the accessories. However, when it comes to wearing flat wedding sandals, you can get the sandals even before the dress. They will blend in with every outfit you purchase. 


  • Is it mandatory for wedding shoes to be white?

Once again, traditionally, wedding shoes tend to be white. However, with the incredible array of options available nowadays, especially regarding the dress, you can go for many other colors too. Nude lace up sandals or gold lace up sandals are excellent choices, especially if your dress has an ivory or champagne color. We love it!


  • How much of the wedding budget should go for the shoes?

Well, the wedding budget is different from one couple to the other, as well as their priorities at the wedding. The general recommendation is to invest in good quality footwear (like our sandals) that you can wear again, and again.