Moon Laces Black


Our Black Lace-up Sandals are custom made and can be tied in countless ways. Design your favorite boho sandal with our Black Moon Laces and our comfortable Memory Foam Sandal Bases!

Moon Laces are made from high-quality fabrics that contain Lycra and come with a dark hand painted bead attached. The Laces are long and ideal to create Black Laced-up Sandals. The dark beads give this sandal an edgy style and are perfect for a Boho Sandal. These Black Lace-up Sandals are the perfect Sandals to combine with your favorite black bandage dress! You need to have at least one Black lace in your collection, Black Sandals are classy and timeless!

Moon Laces combine perfectly with one of our Memory Foam Sandal Bases with 3 loops for an elegant sandal. They can also be combined with a 5-loop base to create stunning Gladiator Sandals!