Sandal Rings Silver Lux 8 pieces


This Set of 8 pieces of Sandal Rings Silver Lux is a basic set of rings for all laces. It can be used on the long and short laces and on all bases. This small ring is the standard ring for all long laces. Every pair of laces comes with a pair of rings or buckles but if you like a set of extra rings this is what you need. The Sandal Rings Lux are perfect for creating Lace-up Sandal and Gladiator Sandals. You can use multiple rings to create that edgy look. It's nice to have some extra to make different models and elegant styles. The Sandal Rings are sold individually, so you will need to order two pieces, one for each lace.

  • The rings fit all our laces
  • Cadmium-free & lead-free