Fabric Sandals for Women

Our SunSmiles Sandal Boots are a selection of socks to create a custom Sandal boot. The socks are handmade of high-quality fabrics that contain lycra. This makes your sandal boots very comfortable to wear!
Fabric Sandals Original Panther
Fabric Sandals Original Panther
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Our Fabric Sandals are a selection of socks for creating unique Custom Sandal Booties. Our Sandal Booties are handmade from high-quality fabrics that contain lycra. This fabric makes your sandals very comfortable to wear! The socks can also be worn inside out, for a pair of solid color Fabric Sandals. So that's twice the fun for the same price! You can swap your Sandal Booties with all your Sandal Laces. That way you can design your own new fabric sandals everyday!